Dear friends of the ASC,

the long-awaited rally has to be postponed again every year due to the ongoing pandemic.

Our national group as well as the ASC-D General Presidium have waited a long time and hoped to the end that the Corona situation would improve and that we could carry out the 65th ASC rally as planned and ensure the health of all participants. But there is currently nothing to suggest that the corona virus can be contained. As it stands, we are at the beginning of a third wave. In addition, it is completely uncertain when vaccination offers will be made or tests can take place in the course of the year.

Together with the ASC-D Presidium and our rally partners, we – the national group – will invite you to Lübeck for the third time next year! We will not give up! We hope that you will understand our decision and that you will also come to us next year!

All teams will receive more detailed information from us as soon as all appointments and reservations are binding clarified. If you have any questions in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Keep well